What Kinds Of Supporting Paragraphs-examples, Details, Definitions, Analysis, Division And Classification, Process Analysis, Comparison-contrast, Cause-effect, And Argument-are Appropriate To Support The Topic America's Top Corporations Are Successful?


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It will depend on how the paper is examining the success of the corporations.

  • Cause and Effect

A cause and effect paper is one style that can be used to discuss the success of top corporations in America. In this style of paper you may have supporting paragraphs that will first show the reasons or "causes" of why these corporations are successful. These reasons will need to be specific citing the top corporations that are successful right now. There should be a paragraph for each "cause" that makes them successful.

Since it is also an "effect" paper it means that there will be at least one paragraph about the effect these causes of success have had. Given that there are more than one cause there should be an effect paragraph that will sum up each one.

  • Argument
In an argument paper there is always a side that one takes and supports with paragraphs. In this paper you are arguing that the corporations are successful, so you have to find reasons that support this stand. How are they successful, why, when, what, and even who can be a part of the argument.

Each paragraph should discuss the 4 W's and H separately, so that the who, what, why, where, and how is all a separate paragraph. It helps you argue each point.

  • Analysis
In an analysis paper you are going to need statistics and other support in the paragraphs such as graphs, perhaps some advertising information, and background information on the corporations being discussed. In an analysis you have to have a mathematical argument to support the position being discussed in the paper such as the success of a business.

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