Can You Calculate Equilibrium Price An Equilibrium Quantity?


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If you have quantity demanded(Qd) and quantity supplied(Qs) then you can calculate equilibrium price and quantity.  To find equilibrium price and quantity you have to find equilibrium point(EP).

EP=> Qd=Qs

suppose, Qd=100-2p &Qs=4p-80


so, equilibrium price is 30

and equilibrium quantity is, Qd=Qs

Hence, equilibrium quantity is 40 and equilibrium price is 30.
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TC = 400 + 4Q + 2Q^2
(MC = 2 + 4Q)

(MC = 2 + 4Q)
P = 260 – 2Q.

What are the expected equilibrium quantity, price, and profits
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60-,2p+5y =30-5p-3w
-6-5/3y-w = p

30-5(-6-5/3y-w)-3w = q
30-+5/6-25/3y +5w -3w = q
60 - 25/3y+2w = q

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