What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Or Studying Abroad?


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I have lived in the U.S. For a year as an exchange student in high school. After coming back to my country, many close people noticed that I have changed.    

 Studying abroad has a lot of advantages. A person becomes more mature and independent. He can live his own way and manage his life without any outside help. Such student becomes more responsible and a great money manager. 

Personally, I had to make balances and think wisely about my priorities before spending a dollar.    
Being in a new country means a lot. A student will learn  about the new culture he's living in (including the traditions, Food, and clothing...). 
He has to make new friends to avoid loneliness. And he's going to be forced to speak the country's native language to communicate. Gradually, the student becomes fluent in that language, be it Chinese, French, English or Arabic...etc.    
On the other hand, Studying abroad can also be disadvantageous!. To me, I payed much more money than I do in my country. I had extra expenses and the US was already more expensive than my home country. 
In addition, most of the people who study abroad has to struggle to become a part of their communities. Making friends is not always easy especially when a student doesn't have an out-going personality. Adjustment takes time as well. This may cause a lot of home-sicknesses and culture shocks.      
These are some of the cons and pros, but I think they are the most important ones. I encourage every body to take advantage of a chance of studying abroad. It's a great experience which will build your personality and give you strength for the rest of your life.    
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Advantages are that you come to know many people belonging to different cultures. If abroad is giving more quality education then you get advantage of more high level studies as compared to your country's students. You can also easily get Job there abroad too. And, also your language skills get developed.

It can get too expensive, You might need to do a hectic Job which can interfere in your studies (Mostly students do Jobs abroad to afford their expenses), You might not be able to adjust with people living with you because of cultural difference etc (In case of hostel, shared apartment etc).

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You can study in an environment that is more challenging and interesting, and allow you to discover new perspectives.

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I think that studying abroad is a great option and it enhances your skills abilities and knowledge giving you a complete experience of how to adjust yourself alone abroad boosting your confidence, I have also enrolled myself this year in a famous accredited university for my bachelors degree program in USA.

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Advantages: Able to bring what you learned from school, get to travel and see places you have never seen before and the disadvantages is that you may not understand the culture and the language, and you may get homesick.

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