What Is Casual Writing?


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Casual writing is the type of writing used in personal letters and e-mails. Casual writing is also popular when writers are blogging for the internet, and is usually characterized by the following:

• Writing in the first person
Unlike academic writing, casual writing allows the writer to write in the first person, and they can refer to themselves as 'I' or 'me'.

• Grammar and spelling
Casual writing allows the writer to be less fussy with grammar and spelling, and in some cases the spellings and grammar are deliberately incorrect, depending on the subject matter. Punctuation use is also relaxed although the piece of writing should still be legible to the reader.

• Informal writing
The writer can refer to the person who is going to read the article by name or as "You". This is a less formal way of writing than academic writing, in which the person to read the article or letter is referred to in the third person.

• Writing as people speak
Casual writing is often written as though the text is being spoken and is therefore grammatically incorrect. This is frowned upon when writing for the internet, but is down to personal preference when writing personal letters and e-mails.
• Differences between casual and academic writing
The major differences between casual writing and academic writing are tone, style and purpose. Academic writing requires proper research and structure, whereas casual writing can contain the personal opinions of the writer and is generally more relaxed.
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Casual writing is writing as you go--Writing as you'd speak, rather than however you typically choose to portray yourself on paper. The formality of format and structure is gone. Capitals aren't even necessary, in some situations!
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Emily Harris answered

A casual writing style often addresses the reader as "you," or by an individual's name. More formal sorts of writing would use phrases like "a person" rather than the word "you." A casual writing style may use relaxed grammatical, spelling, and punctuation rules.

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Julie Campbell answered

A casual tone uses less formal language and can be seen as a relaxed and natural way of writing. This tone usually aims to create a sense of closeness with the reader and to make a reader feel connected to the author.

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Hanna Whilson answered

A casual writing style is more informal and consists of short sentences and is used in more personal settings, such as writing a letter to a friend or writing a diary entry. Usually, such writing sounds similar to a personal conversation. You can get redirected here and find out the details. Another characteristic feature of this style is that a writer often uses contractions or informal vocabulary.

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Kira Smart answered

A casual writing style often addresses the reader as "you," or by an individual's name. More formal sorts of writing would use phrases like "a person" rather than the word "you.

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