What Is Emergent Writing?


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In the British Isles, 'emergent writing' is a form of writing used for practical purposes; in fact, emergent writing exists as part of early education for young people, primarily in England. 

In this type of learning method, children are exposed to writing supplies, such as notebook, pens, pencils and workbooks, while they participate in other types of learning, including mathematics, science, or other typical school subjects. The melding of different skills allows children to learn reading and writing as they apply them to other topics and types of education.

The rationale behind emergent writing is that children will take to it naturally when it is combined, in a natural way, with other learning forms and techniques. 
Children will become more adept at using writing in everyday activities that are not related to typical writing exercises or other assignments. 
Activities such as drama and art are combined with English writing training, making the act of writing entertaining and fluid for young kids. 
The clever style of learning has evolved over time, and it has become an important part of the British educational curriculum for the early grades.

Perfection is not needed in the initial stages of emergent writing; instead, the children are free to make some errors as they feel their way along and develop a new mastery of writing the English language. 
This type of learning also factors in natural gender difference - male children tend to enjoy factual learning, whereas girls are more inclined to enjoy emergent writing that is melded with more creative tasks or ideas. 
All types of personalities of any age have something to gain from the teaching style and activities found in emergent writing. If your child is learning this style of writing, you can assist them by planning your own activities at home and supporting their learning type. 
If you want to teach this type of writing, there are many books and papers written about how to get started.
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Emergent writing is the term for learning to use the written form in useful situations. It is an integral part of Early Years education in the UK. 

How Does It Work?
The classroom is set up so that writing can be a part of any activity: this means writing materials are supplied in the art area, near the Numeracy corner, in the role play area, so that the activity can be instigated by the child, rather than lead by the adult.

What Is The Idea Behind Emergent Writing?
The idea is that children will learn to appreciate that writing has a purpose during the early stages of their language development. The activities that are encouraged around these emergent writing areas include recording of information, writing invites, cards and letters, and creating then using shopping lists. 
The writing itself does not have to contain correctly formed letters; it is the understanding of the purpose that is important. 
What Purpose Does Emergent Writing Serve?

The purpose gives the child a reason to want to write and so enables better literacy levels. This is a particularly useful tool with boys, as achievement amongst boys is significantly lower than girls in this area in many countries across the world.
 Studies have proven that boys prefer factual information and so this gives writing more appeal. Emergent writing is an important part of a child's early writing development.

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