What Is Emergent Reading?


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Emergent reading is the term used in Early Years education for learning to recognise the function of reading in everyday life. Children have long been exposed to the joys of stories, but it has become increasingly apparent that a realistic approach is also required. This is particularly true for reading development in boys, as boys score significantly lower than girls in this area across the globe.

Emergent reading is included in Early Years provision in the form of newspaper style books, comics, party lists, place settings, recipes and instructions. These are visible accessible throughout the classroom. The emergent reading is not adult lead, but is child initiated. It is the child's choice to go and use the text in its correct context.

The idea is that if children see the purpose of being able to read, they will do so more often and take charge of their own learning. Emergent reading reflects behaviours in society and encourages participation with everyday events such as using shopping lists and receiving bills and using calendars as reminders.

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