What Is A Narrative?


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A narrative is a kind of viewpoint or story from a person's point of view of a particular act, occurrence or happening. It is used in drama, cinema or film, writing, radio and television programs etc. A narrative is a kind of depicting or stating of an event from the point of view of a particular person, for instance in a book an author would narrate the events that occur from his point of view. It is used in literature as a technique of writing. In Cinema a narrative is used in films that are of historic or epic proportions. In television narratives are used in documentaries and dramas, especially those related to topics of science, the natural world or history. It is sometimes considered better or easier to use this form of writing or speaking to depict a sequence of events.
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Narrative is a narrated account, or a story. The art, technique or process of narrating,
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Narrative is a construct created in a suitable medium (speech, writing, images) that describes a sequence of real or unreal events.

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