What Is The Difference Between College And Casual Writing?


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Casual writing can be done in any style and about anything that springs to mind. It does not require any particular structure and occasional typing and/or grammatical errors are of no consequence to anyone.

The casual writer is free to let his or her imagination flow and write as he or she would speak, without having to stick to a particular format. Sentences are mostly short and direct, with no further explanation needed.

College writing, mostly in the form of essays, on the other hand, is usually required to adhere to a particular style, such as MLS or APA, for instance. This mostly depends on the relevant class subject.

As a rule, it is done for a specific purpose, for example to prove a thesis statement, and the generally pre-determined content will require research. Sources of included information must be cited.

The information must be written in a clear, to the point way, and certain formal requirements and a pre-determined structure have to be conformed to. Often passages or sentences have to be elaborated on to make specific points.

The finished paper has to be proof-read in order to eliminate grammatical or typing errors, as these form part of the grading process.

Casual writing is therefore different to college writing in content, with casual writers being free to choose their subject, whereas college writing has pre-defined subjects; as well as formality, structure and style, with college writing being tied to specific requirements, whereas casual writing can be done in any style without a particular format or structure having to be applied.

Another difference lies in the fact that typing errors or grammatical mistakes do not matter greatly in casual writing, whereas these kinds of errors or mistakes within college writing may lead to down-grading of an otherwise perfect essay.
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College writing is expected to be clear and to the point. Often, it is expected to cite supporting literature and conform to certain other content and format requirements. (I also expect words to be correctly used and spelled correctly. I expect the grammar and punctuation to conform to Standard English rules.)

Casual writing is not held to the same standards by most people.
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College level writing is usually something any college graduate can do. It involves a certain understanding of spelling, grammar, sentence structure and how to organize a paper or essay. Casual writing, although I'm not sure of it's specific definition, is probably writing that is much more free flow, without much attention to, or knowledge of the rules of grammar, spelling, organization etc.
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College level has to be virtually perfect but casual writing is no body really cares somewhat like answers on here
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Generally the college essay are between 250 words and the casual writing are not bounded actually. There are three sections in a essay first introduction, second essay body and third conclusion. In introduction section you have to first write basics about your essay, in body section you have to write briefly about your essay. Conclusion is the short brief of your essay. 

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With college level righting you start with the first peragraph that let's say is about going to the movie's ok you state the proe's an the conn's of going to the movie's in the first perigraph each perigraph must consist of at least five sentonese's let's say you have three of both the proe's an the conn's then you will have six more perigraph's each further explaning your reason's for why you like or dislike somthing about going to the movie's an also a good perigraph has more than five sentonese's so this is why college lever writing is a lot more complicated than casual

                                    (excuse my spellin yes I know it is bad)

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