How Can I Compose Regret Letter To The Client?


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Sample regret letter
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Greetings Jo mar,

Regret to inform you that based on your submitted education combined with experience we feel if an application for permanent resident under the Federal Skilled Worker Class will be submitted it will not succeed because of some technicalities as follows:

1) You are an ECE graduate and your projects are CE related.

You must be a licensed Civil Engr for those projects.

But do not loose hopes as there are a number of avenues we can look at in coming to Canada for good. Please visit and check provincial nominee programs or others programs. Do not hesitate to raise your inquiries.



(Gemma's phones are 905 497 1596)
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Its not a problem
refer to the product or the query number
and then just write a note that we apologize due to
for the inconvenience you have faced,
we assure  you that you will not face such kind of circumstances
due to our products or services

that all
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Expressing regret is basically a major part of the refusal letter that is sent to someone. When writing the refusal letter, there are some things that should be kept in view. The objective is to convey the refusal news in a diplomatic kind of way. The letter should be courteous and should not start with outright refusal or rejection. Start the letter in a general way and then express your regret that you have to refuse to the client. After that explain the reasons that you consider are the basis of the refusal. You can find more here.

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