What Are The Advantages Of Deemed University When Compared To Government Universities?


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rineeth kittu answered
Deemed uni's have more facilities than govt
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William Harkin answered
Government uni's probably have less facilities,and less well trained tutors.But at graduation,you will have a greater chance of a job.Deemed uni's have better tutors,and facilities,but could cost an arm and a leg to get into
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yarnlady answered
The government University will have more limited choices in classes, and might have less qualified teachers, but the advantage is you will have a better networking base for breaking into your chosen field.
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Annie Devore answered
Perhaps That Government Schools Are A Lot More Picky About Your ID.. And You Have To Be Checked Out More..It Could Be Harder Or Easier One Way Or The Other.. To Get Into Govt.   Colleges?   Maybe Though ..They Could   Get You More Grants   Maybe Because It's The Government?   They Might Not Have The Prestige And Name Of Like Harvard   Yale Or Like   Florida State University... But   That Could Be In Your Favor..

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