What Is The Fraction For 0.96,0.14, And 0.86?


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0.96 is 96/100 fractions reduce 96/100=24/25
0.14= 14/100= 7/50
0.86= 86/100= 43/50
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If you count the number of decimal places, it will tell you the fraction in its highest form.

If you have a number for example, 0.00045, count the significant numbers which is 5, then put the number in the form of a fraction - the number you have - 45 divided by 1 and the number of zeros corresponding to the numbers after the decimal place, in this example - 5 so your fraction is 45/100000

In your specific question, I'll deal with the first; 0.96

Decimal number - 0.96
Your number - 96
Number of significant numbers after the decimal point - 2 - fractioin of 100

So your fraction is 96/100

Normally you reduce fractions to their lowest available form, so if you divide above and below the line by 4

you get 24/25

You can get more excellent information of fraction here.

Just follow this procedure for the other two examples and you should be all set.

I hope this helps

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