What Is Fraction?


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The term 'fraction describes a number that is being used to define a part of a group and while writing it you can use the term numerator and denominator. Nominator can be used to write the number that is above the line and denominator is being used for the number that is below the line. You can understand the phenomenon with the use of following example: If you write the term ½ you can say that the term is being written in terms of fraction and the digit '1' is called the numerator while '2' represents denominator.

Usually people use the term when they are not able to describe a term in whole number and with the use of decimal point the figure moves on to several numbers after decimal point; fraction make their job quite easy.
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Lets keep it simple and say that a fraction is a part of a whole. A slice of cake (not the whole cake) is a fraction of a cake. A scoop of ice cream-not the whole pint-is a fraction of the ice cream in the container. And for you dog lovers out there, one Milk-Bone out of an entire box of these tasty canine tidbits-is a fraction of the tidbits in the box. Woof!
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Yes, the word fraction just means a part of the whole. In mathematics the whole is always a whole number like 1, 2, 3 etc. A fraction means that the amount you are working with is less than a whole number. A whole 1 can be divided into many parts. It can be divided into 4 parts with each part being 1/4 or one quarter of the whole one.  A whole 3 can also be divided into quarters, so that each part is still 1/4 but you have 12 quarters in a whole 3. When you take one quarter away, then you 11 quarters left (11/4). When you divide the 4 (the denominator) into the 11 (the numerator) then you get 2 and 3 quarters left or 2 3/4.
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Simplest form of digit!!
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7/8 more than 5/6
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Fraction contains the numerator and denominater, by definition,the denominater is the whole molecule is the whole part of the mathematical meaning of the scores of a sample of things to occupy in the over all number of.
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