How Many Marks Are Reqired To Pass The Nat Test?


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It is suggested that the percentage of marks you must acquire in order to pass the NAT test is 50 per cent. However, this cannot be officially confirmed.

The NAT test or National Aptitude Test is a single examination that must be sat and preferably passed by people who are wishing to proceed into further study at a university that is associated with the National Testing Service. The National Testing Service is the same governing body that hosts the NAT test.

There are no re-sits available to candidates for this exam so it is advised that candidates are well prepared. All people wishing to proceed into further education with a NTS associated University must ensure that they sit this test.

Upon the test being marked, the next step for candidates is as follows:

  • Begin applying for admission into universities
  • Attach your NTS results card to your application
  • Wait to hear for any responses

Once candidates have sat the exam and submitted their applications for admission, all they can do now is wait for a response. If they have been successful, the rest of the procedure will depend on the individual university.

For all candidates, the result of the NAT test is only valid for one year. This means that after a year of taking the test, the result will no longer be valid for consideration by universities when applying for admission. For any more information make sure to visit

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