The Radii Of Two Circles Are In The Ratio Of 3 To 1. Find The Area Of The Smaller Circle If The Area Of The Larger Circle Is 27 Pie Sq. In?


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If the ratio between the radii of two circles is three to one, then the ratio between the area of the two circles must therefore be nine to one.
This is because the equation to work out the area of a circle is as follows:
Area = πr² (pi x radius x radius)
If the radius is three times larger for the bigger circles, then it is simply a case of squaring three (multiplying it by itself) to find out the ratio between the areas of the two circles.
If the area of the larger circle is 27π inches, then we must divide this number by nine in order to find out the area of the smaller circle.
27π inches divided by nine = 3π inches
We can work this out even more precisely since we know that π = 3.14 (to the nearest two decimal places)
3 x 3.14 = 9.42 inches
Therefore the answer to the question is 3π inches or 9.42 inches
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The area of the two circles are in the ratio of 9 to 1, so the area of the smaller circle is 27/9=3 sq. In.
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the radii of the two quarter circles are both 6. What is the area of both shaed region?

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