What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Impromptu Speech?


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The main advantages and disadvantages of impromptu speech are described below; first, a brief description of the subject will be given. An impromptu speech is a speech with the general format of being given only a very short time to prepare a speech on a particular topic that must last a few minutes. Most commonly, the format will be that the speaker will be given a list of three speech topics to choose from. They will then have three minutes to prepare and structure their speech. They must then present a five minute speech on their chosen topic, and they will be judged on how well they do this.
  • Advantages of impromptu speech
The main advantage of an impromptu speech is that it shows how good an individual is at thinking for themselves, on their feet. They will not have endless hours to practice and rehearse, and can not seek help or ideas from anyone else. This aspect makes the impromptu speech a useful tool in debating competitions. What's more, the person doesn't have time to get nervous about making their speech - they will be too busy preparing in a very limited timeframe. Impromptu speech is favored by many as no prior preparation is needed.

  • Disadvantages of impromptu speech
The impromptu speech would not be suitable for important occasions, as very little due thought or preparation can be given to the speech. It will doubtless be rough around the edges and may contain inaccuracies. Additionally, some of the best public speakers find the pressure of a three minute preparation time too intense. Many believe the impromptu speech measures only the skills of quick thinking and nerve, rather than the true art of debating which requires insight and deep thought.

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