Communication Skills. What Is The Difference Between Extemporaneous And Impromptu Speech?


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extemporaneous is carried out or performed with
little or no preparation or prepared in advance but delivered without notes,
while impromptu is being prompted by the occasion rather than being
planned in advance...
A successful speech is determined strictly by the audience.
Most people judge a speech as successful when the speaker is successful. Good
material is important, but the speaker is the 90% factor, being nervous is normal but don't show up the audience that you're too nervous a moderate degree of nervousness helps focus our attention on the task so that we can do a better job. Try to remain calm, it will be over after a few minutes & you will still be alive, no one will throw their lunch box at you! The worst they will do is laugh at you, if you forget everything & have to sit down they will feel sorry for you. You will be embarrassed but still alive. Speak clearly & confidently. Don't mumble...

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