How Can You Explain The Idea Of Impromptu Speech?


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The impromptu speech is unexpected and thus delivered without preparation. Some impromptu speeches are special occasion or courtesy speeches such as welcomes, Introductions and acknowledgments.
As this style of speech usually takes you by surprise, it is important to think clearly, analyze the situation quickly and speak briefly and to the point. As you talk, use the following order of presentation:
Clearly indicate the reason for the speech
Say why it is important to the organization or audience
Conclude with some of the characteristics of the individual or organization receiving the recognition.
A successful formula used by many speakers for an impromptu speech is the PREP formula
P stands for main point
R stands for the reason
E stands for the example
P stands for restating the main point
A speaker following this formula would start with the main point and then state the reason for talking to that point---for example, a long-standing commitment to an environment issue. State the reason clearly. Follow with an example to illustrate the main point, to draw the picture and involve the audience. Examples that add interest may come from your own experience, a friend's experience or a past experience common to the group. Alternatively, you may use statistics or a relevant quotation. Conclude by restating the main point in different words. This reinforces the main point and gives strength and continuity to the delivery. As you follow this formula, both speaker and audience reach the main point quickly.

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