What Are The Advantages Of Impromptu Speech?


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Public speaking is a daunting prospect at the best of times, and for most occasions we tend to have practiced any speech to the point of where it becomes second nature.

An impromptu speech in essence means you do not have such a luxury, however what you lose in practice, is often countered by the impact the speech will have. A rousing off the cuff speech can be useful in many environments from a manager galvanizing his workforce, to a coach inspiring his team to success.

The following clip taken from the film Any Given Sunday (1999), is an example of how an impromptu speech can motivate and stir an audience.
If you are asked to give an impromptu speech the following tips will help you get through it successfully.

  • Speak about and use specific experiences you have had.
  • Use your own knowledge and expertise, that way you won't have to think too hard and long, leaving gaping holes in your dialog.
  • Decide upon a starting and finishing point, and try to have some idea of the body and structure of your speech.
  • Try to remain calm and relaxed. Do not talk too quick, and try not to break up sentences with long pauses, and 'ummmms' or 'errrrrrrs'
  • Explain the relevance of why you are speaking about a certain subject. Open your speech strongly, and conclude by reinstating your key points or facts.

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