If 2+3=8, 3+7=27, 4+5=32, 5+8=60, 6+7=72 Then 7+8=?, Logic Please


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The answer would be 98. I found this by adding the two numbers together, then subtracting 1, and multiplying that number by the smaller number. It works on every problem you listed.
Here are some examples: 2+3=5-1=4x2=8
Here is the problem you had trouble with: 7+8=15-1=14x7=98
Do you get it now? If not, just comment and I will answer again. Hope I helped.
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When you say logic. . . .it c0mes to my right brain. . . .
I). Sinc ' ' doesnt w0rk as usual v cn replace it by '*' (multiply).
Ii). I hope you cn find a series in 2,6,12,20,30...n then 6th term would b 42..check it.
Iii). N0w LHS is as
4*5 n so on
and RHS(expectd) should b
6,21,20...so on.
Iv). The given RHS r as
8,27,32... Which r n0thng but the additn of coresponding term of the series(discusd abov) to the terms of expectd RHS...check it.
V). Now 6th term is 42 and equatn is 7*8..n it givs 56 42=98.

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