When is kadpoly post ume coming up?


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It really depends what time and what year you are talking about, and in this case, it's important to just get in touch with your educational facility. There are many members of staff who will know the answer to questions like this, so get in touch and just ask them the question. They're bound to have the information that you need. If for some reason you can't get in touch however, there are some things you can do to check. However, do be prepared to get in touch at some point anyway. Usually, you do have to go to the university to find out things like this.

  • What to do
You first of all need to find the student portal on the university's website. You can find this on the website, and there should be a link that says 'student portal', or something similar. Once you have found the portal, you need to choose the students section. When this page has loaded, you then need to choose the prospective option. Depending on the university, this may be a little different - but using these instructions you should have a rough idea of which options you need to choose. Then choose your year of study, and then enter your name into the required fields. Once you have done everything that the webpage has asked you to do, you need to press  the submit or enter button.

  • Remember the JAMB code
Choose your name from the list that then appears. If you find someone with the same name as you, don't worry. You just need to look at the JAMB code to decipher which one of the students is actually you. You should have been given this code when you were sitting the exams. The last thing you need to do is press the view button. This will allow you to see all of your results.

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