How to make model on community health and environment?


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There is no set guideline for this. The model must be straightforward but include all relevant people, parties, organisations and processes related to these people.
Community health targets public health and the study of how to improve this within differing communities. This tends to be geographically targeted. It looks at the ages living in an area and also the ethnic groups and the type of work these people do, and whether there are lots of families or it’s an ageing community or a migrant community. It then takes into account the most common illnesses or injuries or impacting circumstances and looks at ways to improve conditions and improve access to help and care.
They usually coordinate the implementation of different care strategies. Primary Care is the most common and is an individual intervention process. For example, if sexually transmitted infections are common in an area then the Community Health Planners would consider whether this was down to unprotected sex and then ascertain whether they just need to help individuals by providing condoms or tackle a wider sexually active population with education programmes explaining STIs and their impacts and symptoms.
A model would need to consider the services these different age groups and areas need. As mentioned above, these services could be the provision of contraception, or classes to educate certain members of the population, or a shuttle service to the local hospital for the elderly, or incentive for home care companies to move to the area to provide unobtrusive assistance at home.
The model must consider all the aspects of provision of services and who provides them. If you need care workers then you need to know which companies are in the area, which aren’t, where trains or teaches these workers. A model must go to the roots.
The same applies to the environment. A plan must involve organisations that use the environment both recreationally and industrially or commercially. It must account for developers, the need for homes, but also issues such as pollution, and stem off into the solutions and resolutions for such issues.

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