What Is The Best Introduction To Give To College Freshers?


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To give an effective and welcoming introduction to all the college freshers that show up at the beginning of term, I'd suggest trying to remember how you felt when you first started at college.

Your best bet is to be approachable and friendly, whilst giving them as much useful information as you can.

Introducing freshers to your college
Every year, a fresh batch of wide-eyed and perplexed freshers show up at the doors of colleges across the country.

Often, they are given a welcome by the college community through things like fresher's fairs and other organized events. These might involve older students giving brief speeches or volunteering to assist and guide the new freshers.

If you have been tasked with developing a good introduction for your college's freshers, I'd suggest being as approachable and friendly as possible.

Things to mention when welcoming freshers
Firstly, I would start with an upbeat message: Something like 'congratulations for getting this far' or 'well done for choosing the best college in the state'.

Anecdotes are a good way of getting people to relate to you. Try and think of any problems or worries that you had when you first started college, share these experiences with the freshers - and suggest ways they could deal with them.

You may want to give them an idea of things they can expect from the time in college. Try and give them as much insight and confidence as possible.

Finally, dialogue is always good. Try and encourage the freshers to ask you questions - they might come up with questions you never even thought of!

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