Cognitive learning focuses on A. Reinforcement B. Internal thoughts C. External responses D. External stimuli?


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Yes, all of these elements are aspects of cognitive learning however the focus mainly rests on processing information and remembering it through mental processes rather than motor movement.

The majority of human beings learn by observation, imitating the behaviour of others and taking simple instructions. However, with regards to cognitive learning, it is not just based on learning from what you see and other people’s actions, as it is more concerned with the mental processes that occurs in the brain to understand and retain information. Cognitive learning is concerned with how we manipulate information in our minds and how we represent certain objects.

There are a number of ways people learn cognitively and the main aspects would be by watching, reading, touching, listening and experiencing things for ourselves. While these initial senses are happening our brain is attempting to process them and store them in our minds so we remember them and have the ability to recall the information at another time.

With regards to cognitive learning, it does not simply apply to learning and remembering objects and what they do. For example, when you see a picture of a cat, you are able to process that it is an animal but then you are also able to put a meaning and feeling to the image such as sadness because you have lost a pet cat or distaste because you have had a bad experience with cats. The meaning can be anything related to experience or opinions however the reason this is done is through cognitive learning. In addition, you can apply this to cultural aspects which represent social trends, values and beliefs. Moreover there have been studies carried out on different species of animals that have proved to be capable of observational learning such as monkeys, however cognitive learning is usually related to humans as it is concerned with human behaviour.

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