My Singing Voice Sounds Too Deep And Emotionless - How Can I Improve It?


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Barbara DeWalt answered
Learning to sing is no different to learning any other instrument – you have to practice!

How Much Should I Practice To Improve My Singing?
If you’re serious about improving, you should be practicing for twenty minutes each day.

Singing around the house will help, but you need to be working on your scales and techniques to really see a difference.

How Can I Sing With More Emotion?
Loosen up and relax. If you’re concentrating too hard on hitting the notes, you’re likely to lose the emotion in what you’re singing. You’ll actually find that your voice sounds better if you relax and breathe properly, so there’s no reason to be tense!

Thinking of emotional things - or singing songs that mean something to you – should also help with making your voice more expressive and emotive. You need to be feeling the emotion in order to project it when you sing!

What Can I Do About My Deep Voice?
Nothing, really – but you don’t need to!

One of the most important parts of learning to sing is knowing your vocal range and natural pitch. If you have a low voice, use it.

When singing, you need to match the key to your voice, not your voice to the key. Otherwise, it’ll just sound strained and unnatural. Embrace the voice you have, because it's unique, and you sure can’t change it!
DELILAH DEE answered
The truth of it is that practice makes perfect. Some people would tell you to take vocal lessons - I'm sure you could even search Google for videos on vocal lessons - but if the truth be known, the videos would only say the same thing as me: Practice makes perfect!
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Emotionless, huh? Well, I think that depending on the mood of the song you should think happy or sad thought. Maybe a pet passed away, or you just got a good grade on a test. About your deep voice, I wouldn't worry about it at all! Lots of people struggle getting the lower notes, so instead of dreading this ability, embrace it. Accept this fact, and build off of it.

Best of luck!

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Try singing classes? Although they don't always work, it's best to find out for yourself and if you still don't sound right, then you know singing isn't for you.

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