D.ed cet question paper 2010?


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You will find that the following website has a lot of previous question papers for D.ed cet, including the 2010 paper you are after:

It is great that you are wanting the past exam papers as it shows you are planning on revising; which in exams is key. It is very hard to achieve a good grade with no revision or practice and so it is certainly worth taking a few of the previous exam papers and giving them a real go.

When completing the past question papers it is worth trying to do them as close as possible to real exam conditions. This means it should be done in complete silence, with no distractions and no aids such as textbooks or calculators - unless they are allowed in the real exam.

You will find that doing it this way will give you a more accurate picture of your current progress and what you might have to work on.

When searching for past exam papers online you must be careful with any websites that may be a bit suspect. It is better not to download the content than risk it. As if it does contain viruses then it is going to cause a lot of damage to your computer and could cost a lot to fix. You may also lose valuable work as well as photographs and music.

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