Where can I go To Get AR Test Answers for Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins?


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Well strictly speaking, I do not like to encourage researching whole answers for a test or an exam question, but I am guessing you are just a little bit stuck and need a few pointers to get you going? Is that correct? Good, right there are a couple of sites that can help you with AR (Accelerated Reading) Test answers, but you have got to be careful as they can be full of spam and viruses. I’ve learned this the hard way.
Also you have got to be careful on the day of the test as a lot of schools now employ anti-cheating software. If you get caught, you could and probably will be in real trouble.
My advice is to simply read the book and get an honest score. You can pick the book up from amazon.com for just shy of nine dollars ($8.97) - www.amazon.com/Catching-Fire-Second-Hunger-Games/dp/04390234 or head on down to your local bookseller, it’s important to support your local businesses remember. Failing that the library might have a copy.
You can even get it in audio book format, pop it on when you got to bed and let it seep in to your brain, you’ll be amazed what you can remember, well if that episode of Friends is anything to go by!
As Catching Fire is the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy, it might be worth - if you have the time and haven’t done so already - reading the first book in the series, which is handily titled The Hunger Games. Catching Fire isn’t a standalone novel so try and understand some of the context.
Remember Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins has a Reading Level score of 5.3 and is worth a maximum point value of 16.0
But if you must, you can find a few pointers here - www.sparknotes.com/missmarm/2010/06/09/miss-marms-book-club-

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