What is the correct pronoun usage julie plans to travel this summer with oscar and me?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
The second sentence with Oscar and I is correct
Allabarra Lantern Profile
This summer, Julie plans to travel with Oscar and me.

Take away Oscar and could Julie travel with I? 

Not really.  She would travel with 'me'

So she would travel with Oscar and me.
Shaymaa Mohammed Profile
Grammatically, there is no mistake in this sentence . After prepositions, we use object pronouns.
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byba peachez answered
The sentence is correct only da last part shud change..
Julie plans to travel this summer with Oscar and I*
coz you jus hav t focus on he pronoun as per the question... Of which me is the pronoun in the sentence only dt ts nt correct so 'I' becomes the correct pronoun.

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