The correct pronoun usage for: Natalia a is better cook than I?


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Ray Dart answered

That is already correct (although you might want to insert "a" in between "is" and "better". It is tempting to use "me", but if you think about what you are actually saying, it is:

"Natalia is a better cook than I am"

You wouldn't say:

"Natalia is a better cook than me am"

Would you?

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Sara Lewis answered

It is difficult to determine whether to use "I" or "me" as a pronoun in some instances, and to be quite honest, in most cases you can use either- at least in terms of producing a sentence that makes sense and will be understood.

In the example you have given: Natalia is better cook than I, the first thing to mention is that you need to add an 'a' in between 'better' and 'cook', so that it reads 'Natalia is a better cook than I'. After that, I'd say it was spot on, and you are using I as the pronoun correctly.

There is definitely a grey area here, however, as I firmly believe you could have said 'Natalia is a better cook then me' without it making any less sense, or seeming grammatically inaccurate. Use of other pronouns is a lot clearer...

For example, you might say "Natalia is a great cook, I enjoy her food" but you couldn't say "Natalia is a great cook, I enjoy she food".

The official guide for using the personal pronouns of 'I' and 'me' is as follows:

  • Use the pronoun 'I' when it is the subject of a verb, and the pronoun 'me' when it is the object of a verb.

It sounds a little bit theoretical to understand, but makes sense when you see a few examples and start to get your head around it.

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