What Does Chorus Mean In Music?


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The word "Chorus" has two meanings in music. The most common usage refers to a repeated section of an arrangement which is known as the chorus.

The term chorus can also refer to the chorus effect, which occurs when two individual sounds with roughly (but not exactly) the same pitch are played together and perceived as one. This has the effect of making the instrument have a rich and almost shimmering sound. 

In popular music the chorus of a song is almost always the catchiest, most repetitive and climactic part of the arrangement.

In the modern pop structure the first chorus will usually be heard one minute into the song and the whole arrangement will have a total of three choruses - and, typically, pop arrangements are made up of two main sections plus a bridge/pre-chorus or breakdown.

The chorus normally features louder dynamics and more instrumentation than any other part of the arrangement, which gives the part a climactic feel. In contrast the verse tends to be more low-key and should slowly build up suspense in the song before the chorus arrives.

The chorus effect is widely used in popular music - both occurring naturally but also being created by signal processing equipment. Naturally it is present on a piano, 12 string guitar and mandolin, as the chorus effect is intrinsic to the sound of these instruments.

The effect has been produced through both analogue and, more recently, digital effect processors. These can then be housed in a rack-mounted or foot pedal, which has made the effect popular amongst guitar players.

The most famous guitar song which features a heavy chorus sound is Nirvana's "Come As You Are", which uses a chorus foot pedal to create the effect.
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Well I'm not really an expert in music, but to me a choir is a bunch of people who sing some songs separated by different voices: Soprano, bass and so on. By the way, I really like to watch chorus performances sometimes. Recently I liked the choir so much that I decided to download videos of performances from youtube at Tubidy. From time to time I re-watch it and I have thoughts to go sing in choir too.

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A chorus in music would be a line or group of lines that you repeat in intervals during a song.

They usually have the same exact lyrics but, in some songs, they have the same melody and everything, but the words are different.

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