Given the linear equation y = -4/7x - 5, find the y-coordinates of the points (-7, ), (0, ), and (7, )?


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-4/7*(-7) - 5 = +4 - 5 = -1. The first point is (-7, -1).

-4/7*(0) - 5 = -5. The second point is (0, -5).

-4/7*(7) - 5 = -4 - 5 = -9. The third point is (7, -9).

The slope of -4/7 means that for each increase of 7 in x, y will decrease by 4. We see that the points of interest have x increasing by 7 and y decreasing by 4. Here is a plot.
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If y=-4/(7x), the equation is not a "linear equation". When you disagree with both the description of the problem and with its answer, perhaps your interpretation needs to be adjusted.
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No what i am saying is -4/7x makes a reciprocal function and a linear eq would not be written to show x right with 7 so that it seems to be part of the denominator. Rather like
-4/7 x or (-4/7)x.
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And as i already said below, you can refer to the standard edexcel or cie papers or any math book if you dont agree with me. You would never find one inshAllah with x written right up with the denominator constant.
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Salam (peace)
You need to put the x coordinates in the equation and solve it for the value of y.
1- y=-4/7(-7)-5
2- y=-4/7(0)-5
=undefined as 4 (or any other number even) divided by 0 is undefined
hope it helps. Khuda Hafiz...
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You can see any math book or the standard cie papers. I am a student, got an A in math and add math in o level alhamdulillah with london board, and have solved so many papers. You see it has to be distinguishable whether it is a reciprocal or linear function in that the variable should not seem a part of the denominator. If i agree with you, mostly students would do linear eq qs wrongly in their papers. I just solved what i saw in the question which was a reciprocal func & not linear eq.
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And you be careful with yours..cux this link of yours is no logical explanation to your viewpoint. Which is mathematically incorrect btw. It is simple what i am saying, that linear functions cannot be written like reciprocal functions cux each has a separate format, the former having x as the multiple of a fraction, and the latter including the variable as part of the fraction in the denominator. There is nothing too hard to understand here so do NOT try to send replies of no use.
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And i wont be replying again inshAllah cux i have better things to do than explain how the alphabet starts like abc.

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