How to write the conclusion of my project?


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Your project won't be complete without a conclusion. It's very easy to write one since all you have to do is go back to what you've written, get the main idea and take not of the important notes and summarize them. That's how you write your conclusion or ending.

Other people have different ways of writing a conclusion. It usually depends on what they're project is about and how their instructors want them to present their whole project. For those who want a variety of choices when it comes to making conclusions, here are some tips to consider:

  • Summarize

Perhaps the easiest way to write a conclusion is to summarize your whole point in one paragraph at the end of your write up. Simply mention the important details found in your project and your stand as well, if applicable.

  • Ask a question

Another great way to write a conclusion is to ask a question. You can once again summarize your key points but instead of simply telling them what you wrote, you can ask questions to awaken their curiosity and leave an impact.

  • Emphasize a point

If you're writing a project that requires you to answer an important question then that's exactly what you will do in writing your conclusion. You have to emphasize the point you want to convey to your readers. Though you have mentioned your answer in the body, it's best to say it again in your conclusion to remind your readers of your answer.

  • Take a stand

In cases wherein you're writing a project that requires you to take a stand then you have to mention that in your conclusion as well. For instance, if you're asked whether or not you agree with a particular law, you have to mention that in your conclusion. You can then pose a question to make your readers think and make them agree or disagree with you.

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