How Do You Write A Conclusion?


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To write a good science lab conclusion you should use the RERUN procedure. The RERUN procedure means:

Recall what you did during this lab.
Explain why you did this lab and what you were trying to find out.
Reflect on the lab's meaning (AKA: Did it match your hypothesis or was your hypothesis wrong?)
Uncertainty (errors that were in the lab that you could not control [aka: Weather problems, measurement mistakes] or just any errors that you came across during running this lab that you could fix for the next time you perform the lab).
New questions or new discoveries (normally you put in at least two).

Make sure you do not put in 1st or 2nd person in this lab (ex: Me, you, I, we) because it will be too formal and the lab isn't supposed to be about you it is supposed to be about the experiment you performed.

Make sure you CHECK FOR ERRORS! Use spell check and get your peers to review it for you.

Otherwise, just follow what your teacher said to do and try to follow RERUN as it will be very useful to you and it will help make writing your conclusion easier
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A conclusion is the sum of all the ideas you put forth.  To state it you can simply say, "in conclusion" as brief and to the point as possible to sum up the reasons for your conclusion (decision).  

In conclusion, I believe the world is round because it has been proven to be so.  **You would have already stated all the factual information to prove this point prior to the conclusion.

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