How To Write A Dedication In My Project?


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Dedications come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share certain fundamental points. They are the author's chance to credit anyone, who was vital, or especially helpful in the creation of the project, or anyone to whom the author feels the work would be particularly poignant or meaningful.

It is entirely possible to credit everyone who helped you along the way :
  • your family,
  • your teachers,
  • particular musicians or celebrities you feel inspired you, or kept you going,
  • your partner or children if you have them,
  • libraries,
  • authors,
  • websites etc etc.
This is however, rarely a good idea, as the dedication then starts to look self-indulgent, irrelevant to the subject, and you end up with a dedication that reminds readers of the worst kind of Oscar speeches.

Brevity, conciseness, relevance and either poignancy or humor are your best tools in writing a dedication.

Brevity in this instance means, your dedication should ideally be no more than a handful of sentences long - much more of it becomes weary for a reader who does not have your contextual awareness of having written the piece.

Conciseness means you should keep your dedication's sentences relatively short and to the point.

Relevance is perhaps the hardest part of the task - there may genuinely be 101 people or sources without whom you think the project might never have been completed. Choose those, that either have most to do with the project itself, or those whom you feel have been the most instrumental in getting this particular piece of work completed.

Choosing these sources or people will also help you towards either "poignancy", when you tell the world exactly how your chosen people helped you or why you are dedicating the project to them,  or "humor" by relaying some amusing nugget that makes your chosen people's connection to the project crystal clear.
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Okay what grade are you in. First.
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I declare that this project is my own piece of work
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I declare that this work is my own work. I declare that this is all my own work and has not been coped is anyway for anyone.

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