I want to do pre degree and i did not know the amount can any one please tell me the amount?


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Unfortunately it is not possible to state a specific amount without having any more specific details. Amounts vary from college to college, university to university, country to country and with the kind of pre-degree required.

  • Contacting Institutions
There are several ways of finding out, though. The most obvious one is to contact the college or university one has in mind directly and ask them. If this is reasonably close, it may be possible to go and speak to someone in person or call them on the telephone.

  • Internet
Another possibility is to find the particular institution on the Web. Most of them will display the information required somewhere. If they do not, they usually provide contact details for various departments. While there, it may be possible to check out a whole range of colleges, polytecs or universities.

  • Libraries
Large libraries usually have a student information section somewhere, and even smaller ones may be willing to try and help. Careers advisers at school often also have a lot of information handy. A teacher may also be able to help or at least know someone who can.

  • Job Centers
Some Job Centers are able to provide information regarding further education, as do many job search websites.

  • Finding a College or University
If unsure which institution may have the required pre-degree course on offer, it is often possible by searching for them. Putting 'universities offering pre-degree UAL Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design' for instance, into the search bar will result in a list of institutions offering this course. Adding a city or country will narrow the search accordingly.

We are sorry we could not be more specific, and we wish the inquirer the very best of luck in finding the right information to suit his or her situation.

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