How can I teach reading lessons that are enjoyable and informative?


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The best way to teach a reading lesson is to do something called guided reading. This is a teaching strategy that lets the teachers guide their students through a selection of reading materials. The main purpose of guided reading is to help students become fluent in the reading strategies that they learn so that they can eventually do it independently. Below are some steps on how to teach guided reading.

5 Essential tips for teaching interesting lessons

- Step one. The first thing you needed to do is to determine the level of knowledge that your students already have. If there are any gaps in knowledge between the students then you should spend some time doing classroom activities and discussions to bring everyone up to the same level.

- Step two. Set the students a goal for their reading because when they have a purpose or goal to reach they will find the experience more valuable.

- Step three. Start to introduce good reading strategies by stopping every couple of paragraphs or so and telling your students what you are thinking. Once you have done this, explain the process of how you got there so that they can try and mimic you in the future when they are working on their own.

- Step four. Start teaching them strategies such as looking at the syntax (word order), tell them to keep an eye out for context clues, and sound and letter knowledge. Teach them to evaluate the characters, learn the elements of story telling and the structure of the plot and text.

- Step five. Once you have finished actually reading the material, don't let the lesson stop there. Improve the children's comprehension skills by asking them if there is anything that they are confused about. It is essential that they are able to completely understand what is going on in each text so that they can come up with their own meanings.

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