What Could Be The Drivers And Barriers For The High Team Performance?


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There are many ways which are useful for analysis and making the root cause for the identification of the barriers in effective teamwork. The most commonly used tools are benching marking and root cause analysis which is use to determine the possible barriers in the performance of the teams whether these are physically teams or virtual teams. The drivers means that the factors which lead to the high performance of the teams.

For example the working environments of any business have favorable affect on the team performance. While the barriers are considered as the impediments in the way of the business of work teams and have negative affect on the teams. So all of these factors have directly or indirectly affect the performance of the teams so that they can work in a systematic manner.

So the management of the business should consider the various factors in order to make the teams more efficient and can maximize the performance of these teams. The managers are accountable for make such opportunities for the people so that they can work and can create the good working environments for the teams. So the culture and the working conditions of any company can have direct influence on the performance of the teams.

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