What Is A Site Which Could Help Me For Class X Icse Board Exams?


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Mary Frederick answered
Class X ICSE Board Examination papers for past years can be found at the following website... Here you will find sample questions in Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, Science and Social Science for years up to year 2001. Any of these questions could appear, on the current tests because questions for each year are supposedly, chosen from tests from past years. I have been unable to find any information on the 2006 tests other than the information, that those who passed have been notified.

I found a second site which looks like it could be helpful to you and it does have recent test questions. This site has the sample for Papers X, in all the subject areas. Follow the directions, for downloading the questions, to  you computer. You can download one test at a time, and the English test appears to be the 2007 question.

This site should be helpful because you can ask questions and get help from teachers. At the bottom of the first page you can enroll as a member, free of charge. Good luck on your tests.
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I suggest or snipr.comtriviafun for short for that kind of info. It's a really interesting site and a great resource with lots of information on Class X ICSE Board Examination content.

I think it will be very easy to find all the info you need by following all three easy steps, and unlike all the other sites, it's actually FUN, which makes learning about everything you need to know for your exam so much easier!

I hope you enjoy. Good luck!

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