How To Calculate My Grade Percent In A Class?


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If you want to figure out your final grade before it is officially announced, follow the model outline below. It's really simple and doesn't take long to do.

Go through it step-by-step, replacing the subject grades used as examples with your grades.

Right, so how did you get a 'C' in, let's say, Spanish? Here's what you need to calculate your final grade in any class:
  1. All the grades you have received
  2. The amount that each grade is worth
So, you make a list of all the grades you have already received. Here's what you find:
  • Homework - 94, 87, 92, 85, 83, 89, 79, 91, 83, 90
  • Quizzes - 89, 86, 90, 83, 84
  • Tests - 81, 87, 78
Next, average the grades within each category to get one grade for each. You do this by adding up all the grades you've received in that subject and then dividing that total by the number of grades (e.g. Homework total 873 / 10 grades = 87.3).

So now you will have:
  • Homework - 87.3
  • Quizzes - 86.4
  • Tests - 82
Your Spanish teacher has told you that homework is worth 25 per cent of your total grade; quizzes are worth 30 per cent; and tests are worth 45 per cent.

The last step to calculating your grade is multiplying each category's grade by the percentage that is assigned to it.

Add these three numbers to get your final grade:
  • Homework - 87.3 x .25 = 21.825 (87.3 x 25 per cent)
  • Quizzes - 86.4 x .30 = 25.92 (86.4 x 30 per cent)
  • Tests - 82 x .45 = 36.9 (82 x 45 per cent)
  • Total - 21.825 + 25.92 + 36.9 = 84.645
This gives your final grade, which is 84.645. Most teachers round the final grades, so your rounded grade is 85, which gives you a 'C' in Spanish. That's how easy it is. Good luck!
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The formula for calculating your grade in the class can probably best be explained by giving an example.Percentage to GPA Calculator, Assuming that your current grade (the 89) makes up the other 80% of your grade (and the two semesters either stand separately or the 2nd semester is just a continuation of the 1st semester, so I don't have to take the 84 in to account at all)....

(.8)(89) + (.2)(grade on final) = your grade in the class.

In other words, (percent of one grading category)(grade in that category) + (grade in another category)(grade in THAT other category) +... + (percent final is worth)(grade on final) = your grade in the class.

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I added all my grades with my Final exam and got 75.8, but my exam counts as 25% of what my grade would be.
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Three exams worth 30% each,
Two quizzes worth 10% in total, so that is 5% each.

I got:
70.8 first quiz
84.0 second quiz

I got:
62.71 on first exam
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Add all the graded work together and divide that number but the number of grades, that should give you your answer.
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It depends on how your grades are weighted.

For example, Homework could be worth 20%, Tests Could be worth 30%, Papers could
be worth 20%, and the Final could be worth 30%.

You will have to refer to your class syllabus, or ask your instructor.

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