How To Calculate The Percent Of DNA?


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DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is a type of nucleic acid which is constituted of the genetic instructions needed for the growth and functioning of all living beings. Every thing that is living has a DNA, except a few viruses that possess RNA genomes.

The principal function of DNA in a cell is that of storage of vital information over a long period of time. It is frequently referred to as a biological blueprint, as it has the instructions to make up other parts of the cell, like proteins and RNA. That part of the DNA which holds genetic data is called as genes.

A DNA sequence can be analysed in the following ways:
Percentage = nucleotide / (A + C + G + T) or Percentage = (nucleotide1 + nucleotide2) / (A + C + G + T) (in the case of a pair of different nucleotides)

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