How Can I Figure Out My Final Percentage For This Class?


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To get the percentage of your results, divide your mark by the highest possible mark and multiply by 100. In this case, your total marks add up to 165 and the highest amount is 186. Divide165 by 186 to get 0.8871 and multiply by 100 - 88.71%.

The website contains a useful ‘grade calculator’ which takes into account both your grade and the percentage of the final mark which the exam, essay etc. Is worth. This site can be useful if maths is not your strongest subject, or you find yourself getting confused and muddled over the final percentage.

Make sure when you are figuring out your final grade to remember that everything adds up to 100%. The total amount of marks, whatever number they are, equals 100%. Therefore, just as in any exam where the total is 100%, your mark can be easily changed to a percentage. If an exam was out of 100 marks, and you received 80 marks, you know immediately that you have gotten 80%. This is figured out in the same way as is given above; 80 divided by 100 equals 8, times 100 equals 80%.
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Exam = 40% and you scored = 37/48 *0.40  = 31%
Homework = 20% and you scored = 98/108*0.20 = 18%
Attendance = 20 % and you scored = 10/10 *0.20= 20%
Essay = 20% and you scored = 20/20 *0.20 = 20%
Add all the percentage your required percentage = 31% + 18% + 20% + 20% = 89%
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If I have 2 tests worth 20% each, 2 assignments each 20%and I have 54% so far out of 80%.  How much do I need on my final test of 20%?
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To the orginal question, when you are in a tough spot like that, if you just add up all possible points and all the points you got, then divide all the points earned by the possible points, (just like you have already ) its the same as getting the break down. I promise. I just did it with your numbers and with my own.
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Need to figure out what grade I need to make on the final exam to pass the course. My grades are 80,50,60,60,70,80,70,80 at 12%
the final is at 16%

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