"Old" Vs. "New" ("Americans" Vs. Immigrants) Define This Like What Was The Relationship Between The Americans And Immigrants?


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The past generations of immigrants came to the United States expecting to work and become part of the melting pot of Americans.  They wanted to become citizens, speak English and blend with the rest of American society.  Many even changed their names so that they sounded more American.  When they came to this land, they left their loyalties in their Mother country.  They came here to be loyal Americans.  They did not come here trying to be a foreigner living in a foreign land called America.  They were not hyphenated Americans:  They were not Italian-Americans, they were not German-Americans etc.,  they were Americans.  They wanted to be part of America not stand out as different citizens of different countries.  When they arrived they did not expect nor demand, they came offering to contribute and blend and pay their dues as a matter of respect to a country that took them in.  They desired citizenship and considered it an honor to be called an American.  .In times past, it was almost unheard of for an immigrant to "sneak" into the U.S.  They came here legally, waiting their turn in line with others  who wanted to live in America. They were law abiding people and respected the laws of the land that they desired to live in.   Not having lived in that era, I can only tell you that history says they were not treated as kindly as they should have been.  But, I believe they were more respected than the immigrants of my state today.  Much of that sentiment is directly due to the illegal immigrants and the others who stand with their hands out and are breaking our state and causing havoc in the school system.  The drug cartel from Mexico is creeping into Texas and we have begun to see murders directly related to them.  It is impossible to tell the good, hard-working, legal immigrant from the illegal, criminal element or the illegal residents  who sponges off the tax paying citizen.   Therefore, they all get painted with the same paintbrush and it's a ugly color.
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It's like demand Vs. Supply in short. Hope you will be able to solve this puzzle. :)
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So you want a solved puzzle. :) As far as I can guess, it was a situation of slavery by African poor masses in America brought to do agriculture and other menial jobs. They were bonded laborers in America. So colonial powers started the trade of selling them in mainland America.
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There are new changes when an immigrant plans to take up refuse in america or canada.
They must pass several tests to qualify to become an landed immigrant.

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