I Want To Organise A Geology Field Trip Which Safety Precautions Should Be Taken?


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If you want to arrange a geology field trip for university students then you should be quiet careful about the students or people going with you. As you have mentioned in your question that you are going to arrange a trip so you will be responsible for the whole tour. Now it depends that for how many days you are going to arrange a trip .if the trip you are arranging is for student then the 4 days trip will be quiet enough for them to teach lot many things.

The first step is you have to make the list of all the students so that you should know about the students who are absent in the field or the others who are present.
You should inform the students to bring there umbrellas ,their first aid box ,rain coats, torch matchbox and sleeping bags .because in the field you should be prepare for each and every possible situation. if you are teacher you should are responsible for each and every student. you are going in hilly areas advice student the bring their jogger as when you are climbing on the mountain sometime there are slippery places so some one can easily hurts. If you crossing some jungle then student should be dress up like that they should not be hurt by any insect because in those areas snakes are common. So these are little things about one should be care full.
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The exact safety arrangements for a field trip will depend on the number and age of the participants and the number of field trip leaders. With university age students, the ratio of students to leaders should be no more than 15:1 and a substantially lower ratio where younger students are involved.

You will also need to arrange insurance cover, both for transporting the students to the location and for the duration of the field trip itself.

In general, terms only then, ensure the party stay together at the location and remain in reasonable visual contact. No one should be allowed to leave the vicinity without prior arrangement

Ensure all participants behave in a reasonable manner, are properly kitted out and follow all the instructions and safety rules.

Safety glasses or goggles should always be worn if rocks are being hammered or chiselled to prevent flying splinters entering the eyes of the person using the tools or anyone standing close by.

Special care should be taken if working near cliffs, quarries, steep slopes or sheer faces.

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