How Do You Write A Legal Memorandum?


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My will has been completed by an attorney. I was told to write a memorandum listing the personal effects or items that I want to leave to a specific relative. What words do I use to start this memo ? And is there a format for a memo?
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A memorandum also known as memo basically is a written type of message mainly used in business environments. A memorandum is characteristically written applying the following method.

The first two headings should be, From and To, followed by the Date and the Subject. Then write the introduction, explaining why the memorandum is being discussed and what will the topic of discussion be like. The main matter will discuss the subject in detail. Towards the end there has to a conclusion, explaining what action will be taken next. Quite a few textbooks explain the details of a memorandum in greater detail. A legal memorandum basically is an official document explaining the terms of a contract like a "Memorandum of Sale", "Memorandum of Shipment" or "Memorandum of Understanding".

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