How Would You Rephrase This Statement "This Opens Flexibility And Creativity In Developing The Hotel Site."?


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Communicates with customers, vendors and colleagues in a clear, logical and concise manner to convey guidance and direction on both straight-forward and complex issues; adjusts communication medium based on content and target audience (oral, written, formal, informal); consistently develops high quality documents free from spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors; speaks articulately and consistently, using language and tone that is well received by target audience.
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There are many possibilities. Remember that rephrasing would mean changing a certain word or phrase or the entire sentence. For instance you could try 'This opens flexibility as well as creativity in developing the hotel site.' You could say 'This opens flexibility and creativity in the development of the hotel site' and still mean the very same thing. How about: 'This initiates flexibility and creativity in developing the hotel site.' Another option would be: 'In developing the hotel site, this would open flexibility and creativity.'

You can mix them up to get variations such as: 'This initiates flexibility as well creativity in the development of the hotel site.'

There are several websites offering rephrasing tips and guides. For instance, you could visit
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I have to figue out what I want to accomplish, and then do what I have to make that accomplishment happen.

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