What Are The Types Of Abbreviations Allowed?


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Types of abbreviation's allowed eight letters
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There are various kinds of abbreviations. At times abbreviations are made by replacement or change in the part retained for example oz (ounce), kg (kilogram). An acronym is an abbreviation made from the first alphabetical letter of the different words like HIV, DBA, MS etc. An initialism is an abbreviation made from the first letters of its many word, but it is read as a chain of letters: ATM, CNN etc. A contraction is a kind of abbreviation which consists of first and last letters of a complete word: Amt., Mr. At times the terms apheresis, aphesis, and clipping are used to express different kinds of abbreviation. Apheresis is the skipping initial syllable from a word: Phone (telephone). Aphesis is the skipping unstressed vowels from the start like 'cause (because), ‘m (am) etc. A clipped is the skipping an end part of the word like fan (fanatic) etc.

But the type of abbreviations allowed in APA formatting is acronym

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