Am I Just Lazy Or Is There Something Wrong With Me? I Just Can't Seem To Bring Myself To Do My Homework!


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I can understand that feeling of demotivation.  Without knowing the other things that might be going on in your life, it sounds like you're simply overwhelmed--whether that is caused by exhaustion, rebelling against the lack of control over imposed obligations, not understanding the point of why/what you're doing in studies, being uninterested or fearful in some way, or perhaps having some other important matters that are taking your mind's and heart's attention and priorities.  It could be a combination of reasons.  Whatever those reasons,obviously it is causing you some distress for you to be even asking the question.  Without knowing you and having more context, I'm not sure I or others can say what the underlying issues are, but here are thoughts for you to consider. It may be more simple or complex than what is here, --but meanwhile, here are some ideas from the viewpoint of psychological motivation.

A couple of others here suggested rest--either sabbatical or daily rest--I think those are both great ideas.  If it's more than exhaustion, other suggestions would include taking some time to ask yourself a few basic questions, and try to be rather brutally honest in your answers to yourself/and or work with a professional you trust to help you answer these Q’s to get to the bottom of things.  I know this may seem simple/obvious, but we understand that humans behave in a way that meets their highest priority needs, and we continue to act that way because it brings us some “payoff” in getting those met.  

In your case, you seem to recognize that not only is the idea of the homework creating stress, but also that there is a great deal of stress being created by your avoidance of it. So ask what is the real payoff you get for not doing it? What need is being met by avoidance?  It could be a combination of any of these things, or others not mentioned here—without knowing you, it is difficult to say.  Use your self knowledge to see if any of these possibilities speak to you:  For example, are you simply rebelling against being required to do the task—and of not having control over the choice of whether to do it and when?  If yes, then it’s time to look at where you do have control in your life/over your life—and how you can adopt a perspective that allows you to see you can be in control by choosing to do your homework, and when.  You may not be able to choose when as assignment is due, but you can make choices as to what time of day you will do it, in what environment you choose to study, and even smaller choices like which you will do first, etc.  This will allow you to be/feel feel much more in control of your life as regards obligations that are imposed on you by others.  

Another possibility may be that avoiding it relieves the stress of feeling afraid of not being able to do the work, or that if/when you do it (and do it well, on time, etc.), that in meeting your own and others’ expectation, it could bring additional pressure to continue this performance (when at times lack the personal energy enough or may not have time enough to handle those pressures to perform something you may be not interested in).  It’s also possible you fear the success that that could come afterward, again, creating additional obligations and expectations.-- or there may be some issues to explore about why you might feel you do not deserve to have that success in your life.  If so, those are deeply held beliefs sometimes even we ourselves are unaware exist within us, and best explored with a professional who can help guide you to resolve those conflicts.  

As emotional beings, sometimes our own behavior seems irrational because it turns out to be even more self-defeating. But it is not so irrational in this respect:   humans act in ways that allow their survival not only physically, but emotionally as well and allow them to cope with a stressor.  You are seeking to relieve  the stress that completing a required task demands, but your actions have actually added new stress.  It’s true for all of us that sometimes coping behaviors cause additional problems we didn’t anticipate, and our actions (like avoiding homework) don’t bring us the result we had hoped. All of us do this, and you’re not different than any other human being in that respect.  I hope this answer has helped you at least have some thoughts to consider.  Also, if you are a spiritual person who finds it helpful to consider your issues from that perspective, I might also suggest you seek spiritual guidance as well in the way that you find most helpful (personally or with a trusted guide). If not, that's fine too.  All the best you you, and good luck. :)
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Oh my god we are in the same boat... Like now(11.23pm) I am sitting in front of my notebook while tomorrow at 8 am I  have an exam...

I had the same problem as you have now.....
?I have been to school for 13 years now (excluding kindergarten 2 years)
I am now at the end of school life, and am sitting for examination to enter University...

try to get some sleep for about 30 min-2 hour sleep after getting back from school.....

if you have ON-ed your PC, then, you wouldn't be able to do any homework at all.....

try to finish all, then sit on front of you PC...

I haven't figure out myself if I am lazy or is something  is wrong with me....
but I did over come a part of it..... Try it out and see if it works...

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It sounds to me like you're burned out. How long have you been going to school and how much longer do you need to go to achieve your goals?
You might want to consider taking a Sabbatical for awhile.Take a break to refresh yourself so that you can resume your studies.

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Thanks for answering. I went to school for 10 1/2 years,then worked for a year and just started again. I still have two more years to go...
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Try the 5 hour energy shot its really popular here in calif,it doesn't make you crash and its doesn't hurt your stomach like these energy drinks.....try it
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But you must do your homework. First of all for yourself, if you want to achieve something in this life

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