How Many Gallons Or In A 30inX 20inX12inx Tank?


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Gallon is a unit that measures volume. Therefore, we need to first find the volume of the tank and then we will convert the units (cubic inches) into gallons.

The formula for volume is:

Length x Width x Height

Let's put in the values we have in this formula:

Volume of tank in cubic inches = 30 x 20 x 12
=7200 inches3

Therefore the volume of the tank is 7200 inches3.

Now, every U.S. Gallon is equal to 231 cubic inches. Therefore, we need to divide the volume in cubic inches by 231.

Volume of tank in gallons = 7200/231
  = 31.17 gallons

Hence, there are 31.17 gallons in a 30x20x12 inch tank.
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