What Happened In Russia In 1917?


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There were two revolutions in Russia in 1917. There was 1st the February Revolution, resulting in the abdication of Nicholas II of Russia. Later that year was the October Revolution, the Bolshevik seizure of power. This is when the Communists took power and this lasted until 1991.
The February Revolution of 1917 in Russia is the first stage of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Its immediate result was the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, the collapse of Imperial Russia and the end of the Romanov dynasty. A provisional, non-Communist government under Alexander Kerensky replaced the tsar. It was an alliance between liberals and socialists who wanted to instigate political reform, creating a democratically-elected executive and constituent assembly. Alexander Kerensky actually tried to help Tsar Nicholas and his family leave Russia and go to England (the king was his cousin). England refused feeling that people may want to get rid of the Royal family there as well (bad influence). Kerensky later fled Russia for America when the Communists took over and became a lecturer and teacher in the US.
This revolution appeared to break out spontaneously, without any real leadership or formal planning, supposedly due to the fact that the people of Russia had had enough of the existing system. The tensions which had for so long been building up finally exploded into a revolution, and the western state of Petrograd (the City of St. Petersburg prior to the war) became the focal point of activity. An illustration of just how large Russia was (and, indeed, still is) is that it took some years for eastern parts of the country to realise that a revolution had actually taken place.

The February Revolution was followed in the same year by the October Revolution, bringing about Bolshevik rule and a change in Russia's social structure, while also paving the way for the USSR and Communism. Two revolutions were required in order to change the composition of the country: The first overthrew the Tsar, and the second instituted properly a new government.
Why did the people do this? Well, things were bad. There was many hardships do to war like lack of food, money, too many deaths, too much poverty for the regular people. Everyone just had enough. The Tsar was simply out of touch with the reality of his people. Also, Russia is large and it is hard to govern such a large place and know what is really happening. The Tsar felt he was in power because it was the will of God. He did not understand what regular Russian people were experiencing.
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