What Is The Surface Area Of A Square Based Pyramid?


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The answer to your question requires a couple of values: The length of a side of the square (base), and the height of the triangles.
You can then plug those numbers into these formulas:

1.Area Of A Square: A = bxb (where b = 1 side of the square)

2.Area Of A Triangle: A = 1/2 bxh (base x height)

To calculate the total you will need to find the area of the square (the base) once, and the area of the triangle that makes the side of the pyramid, four times. The sum of these five numbers is your total area.
This can be accomplished more easily by plugging the same values into the formula for the area of a pyramid:

3.Area Of A Pyramid: A=2bh+(bxb)

The numbers come out the same. The second method is the correct algebraic, geek way.


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