The Surface Area Of This Pyramid Is One Hundred Eighty-nine Square Centimeters. The Area Of The Square Base Is Forty-nine Square Centimeters. What Is The Area Of One Triangular Face Of The Lateral Surface? Show The Steps Of Your Solution And Explain


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Assuming the square base is included as part of the surface area, the total surface area is
   (total area) = (base area) + 4*(triangular face area)
   189 cm^2 = 49 cm^2 + 4*(triangular face area)      (put the given numbers into the equation)
   140 cm^2 = 4*(triangular face area)      (subtract the base area)
   140/4 cm^2 = (triangular face area)      (divide by 4)
   35 cm^2 = (triangular face area)

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